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Here you will find our product catalogs for your review. Please be patient for a moment, it will take some seconds to upload. 

  • Page 3 is our fastener reference page, here with the page number to find specific types.


Please note that we offer far more fasteners than we list in this catalog where we show the most frequent ones. Please contact us if you need another type of fasteners.

2017 PREBENA North American Fastener Corp Fasteners Catalog

contains most of our staples, brads, finish nails and nails. Please remember: We produce also up to your specifications. If you do not find it in our product list, we will make it for you.


We offer European style tools. They are developed for heavy duty use in an industrial environment, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our tools are developed in Germany and made in Taiwan - for cost reasons. Some tools have a similar look as tools of other brands, here we took advantage of existing molds - as long as they support our quality expectations we do not see a reason for change.


2017 PREBENA North American Fastener Corp Tool Catalog

contains most of our tools: We just offer the German tool line with simple, reliable heavy duty tools.




As our offerings change, our catalogs will be modified and adapted. We try to keep everything correct and updated, but we are aware of the complexity and the possibility for errors. In case of any doubt or suggestions, please give us a call!

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